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The middle of October is here, with chilly winds rattling the naked branches at night, surprisingly early sunsets, and mornings that crawl out of bed like a college co-ed regretting last night's pumpkin-spiced tequila shots. It's also time for the mid-month discussion journal from the CRLiterature Book Club. By now you should have read the first three short stories (discussion for the novella, "At the Mountains of Madness", will take place at the end of the month):

Pickman's Model

Pickman's Model by BPuig

The Music of Erich Zann

(Note: Music will play if you click the link.)

the mind of zann animation by tobaal


The Thing on the Doorstep

The Thing on the Doorstep by TheABones

Before we get to the discussion, here's more Lovecraft fan art from around deviantArt:

The Yellow Sign by S1yMcNasty         Summoning by Adzerak

Dead letters. by silverman

Are there more pieces of Lovecraftian fan art here on deviantART that you love? If so, share them below.


  • PROSE - What do you think of Lovecraft's prose style? In what ways does it depart from the norm? How does its contribute to the atmosphere and tone of the pieces?
  • NARRATOR - What qualities define a typical Lovecraftian narrator? How were the narrators of these three stories the same? How were they different?
  • SUSPENSE - In what way does Lovecraft create suspense? What about horror? Are there commonalities in the tone of these three stories?
  • UNFORTUNATE IMPLICATIONS - Really a misnomer, because it's obvious, not implied. Lovecraft was awkwardly bigoted for his own time period, and the intervening years have only thrown his bald discussion of phrenology, miscegenation, and similar prejudicial topics into sharper relief. Does the 'backwardness' of some of Lovecraft's ideas color your ability to read and enjoy his works? Why or why not?


Remember, participation in the Book Club (in the form of a lively discussion below, the creation of new fan art, or critical reviews of Lovecraft's work submitted as prose deviations) puts you in the running for prizes, both at the end of the month and the end of the year. As previously mentioned, Chicago indie publisher Curbside Splendor has donated copies of "After the People Lights Have Gone Off", a horror anthology, for this month. So get talking!

Want to know more?

Check out the Book Club's morbid FAQ and oily schedule for more information.

Remember, for safety when discussing Lovecraft, always use protection.

Have you Tried Elder Sign by JediArtisan


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